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Up in Smoke

By Brett A. Starr on January 18, 2021

Dilemma here, your help I need.
Will you please supply a lead?
Pipe, cigar or cigarette
A choice to make, what should I get?

A common choice is plain to see
That cigarettes come easily.
Just light one up and puff away
The stress and strain of a busy day.

But what do all the bankers say?
Or share a new father’s happy day;
Or an evening table’s poker play;
A cigar appears the only way.

Distinguished gentlemen prefer a pipe
With fresh tobacco, the smell - so ripe.
The professor and aristocrat
Light a pipe they often chat.

From all of those a choice to make.
But here’s another thought to take.
Don’t let the pressure of the stoke
Persuade you choosing not to smoke.






Footnote: this smoker’s epiphany came to me back in 1991, but not in poetic form. An internal conversation with myself called a jouska discussed the smoker’s philosophy. I explained it to my brother and his wife.  His wife suggested I forgot the most important choice – not to smoke. It wasn’t until recently that it came to me in a poem.

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