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A Cognizant Journey

By Brett A. Starr on May 3, 2020

I thought you’d like to know
Of a place that you can go
Of intelligent design
Within the human mind

The few who take the quest
Will benefit the best
Examine every line
And take capacious time

clock big.png

To understand the theme
Behind the Golden Mean
Come on and take a leap
The sowing you will reap.


The hidden Flower of Life
With communicative rife
Gematria is keen
‘Verdi’s A’ what does it mean?

verde a tesla 3 6 9 432 hz.jpg

Ever heard the expression
Of equinoxes’ precession?
Or the educational Trivium
And it’s compliment, Quadrivium?


Or the mathematical instruction
Of numerical reduction
Or the mysterious Knight’s Tour
A path of brilliant lure

numerical reduction.jpg

You can imagine how someone planning the routes for delivery drivers would be interested in finding such a minimal cost solution (consider the USPS or FedEx, for example). Instead of chess board squares, the locations are mailboxes or homes scheduled for delivery for the day.


Combine imagination
On a journey of fascination
And grasp each thought vibration
In your mind of contemplation

Then rest and let it go
Let the winding river flow
Into a Pool of Prominence
Collective cognizance.


Footnote: Originally titled "Bread Crumbs," this poem was inspired by many fascinating discoveries I stumbled across in searching for wisdom.

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