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A Natural Force

by Brett A. Starr on May 4th, 2021

The Truth can be dangerous.
Be careful for what you seek.
The sleight of hand will distract us,
attached to power and greed.

A media sense uncommon, of the difference
These days, between right and wrong.
Oh, the tales told for our reference
A confusion of clutter, the new song.

The devil lies in the details,
In a novel of a million words.
The books are sold for retail.
And discounts are often heard.

They'll say, "Never mind what is over there.
Pay attention to what is over here.
Focus on the fear and stop and stare.
Just sing these words in the other's ear."

So, put yourself right with natural laws.
Know thyself, but foremost, keep the Faith.
Learn to observe the effects from cause.
And heed what the sages sayeth.

Nature has a way of correcting itself.
To survive the tests of time.
A Force of reckoning awaits on History's shelf
From it -- a conjuring shall save mankind.

Footnote: The truth shall prevail. As my mother shared with me, evil deeds bare the seeds to their own destruction. If one is not honest about their thoughts and actions, sooner or later, it will catch up with them. Lies covered up by more lies is a cancer that keeps growing. It so much easier to stick to the truth. It seems that a lot of lies keep spreading these days. It will take a silent majority to rise up and call out the wrong doers and hold people accountable. It will not be easy and those guilty will not go down without a fight. It has to be dealt with.

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