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Jupiter and Saturn and Moon St Joseph MI

Eyes on the Skies

by Brett A Starr on December 16, 2020
Photo courtesy of Ed Chandler of St. Joseph, MI

Do you ever look up to the skies?

During the day and into the night.

What do you see?

And do you agree?

It’s a wonderful marvelous sight.


On vernal equinox, at Eastward pre-sunrise.

What constellation will you see in the skies?

It’s not so various

It is Aquarius

As the daylight hits your eyes.


Remember December and a bright-lit winter solstice

The sunlight cast a shadow that holds us

I’m sorry to say

It’s the shortest day

For the tilt of earth has told us.


But, did you see that sky in the early night?

A celestial alignment of southwest light

Jupiter and Saturn in 2020

A great conjunction seen by plenty

Traversing the ecliptic flight.


The heavens have told us through space and time

Our place in the cosmos is quite sublime

It’s plain to see

And easy for me

To aptly finish my rhyme.

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