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Some of the poem titles include the following:

The Sun is Too Bright

From Whence We Came

To Those Who Hold High Places

Indigo Eyes

Persona Duality

Our Destiny

The Wisdom of Past

A Silent Prayer

A Slap in the Face

Tears of Illumination

Seeds of Thought

Nature and Geometry

Tesla's Polarity

Oh, Happy Moon

The Rhythm of the Sun

Eyes on the Skies

The Garden of Tomorrow

Snow on my Tulips

Mania Ride

my melancholy mood

The Place Where I'm Buried

My Old Friend

Give Me Back My Life

It's a Two-Bag Life

The Wind in My Hair

The Gnome

The Tease of Ecstacy


The Sun is Too Bright

by Brett Starr - circa 1985

The sun is too bright for me.

It is too hot you see.

I opened my eyes,

And looked at the skies,

And the skies looked back at me.

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