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A Halloween Fable
By Brett A. Starr on October 6, 2021

Creepy haunted organ playing Bach's Toccata & Fugue conveying

To goblins, ghosts, and ghouls if able - Listen to this gastly fable:

Double-double whisker trouble. Razor dull is tearing stubble.

Droplets crimson red are falling. Skin condition - quite appalling.

Hair is frizzled; gray is flowing. Sleep deprived, and wrinkles showing.

Muscles aching teeth gums bleeding. Bones are fragile, hair receding.

Shirt is stained and pants are torn. Socks have holes and shoes are worn.

Chairs and couches cloaked in linen. Whole house needs a new beginnin'.

Night is dark, with rain and foggy. Headache pounding, feeling groggy.

Trick-or-treaters now arriving. Freddie Krueger's glove with kniving.

Jason, Chucky and Darth Vader, Captain Hook and pirate raiders.

Monster Frankenstein comes nearer. Dracula not seen in mirrors.

Candy handouts given fickly. Thank you's rare; departing quickly.

Suddenly through ascertainment. Intense compulsive sound arrangement.

Playing 'neath the candelabra, 'tis Weber's "Phantom of the Opera."

This labyrinth where night is blind. The phantom is inside your mind.

History tends to repeat itself. Despite the books upon the shelf.

Autumn season quickly fading. Life's conclusion - no evading.

Heed this with respectful ears to extend your Earthly years.

Cherish your family and don't you pout, 'er the goblins 'il git cha if ya don't watch out!

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