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The One, The None, and The All

By Brett A. Starr on May 18, 2021

The One, The None, & The All

by Brett A. Starr on May 18, 2021

It started with one and then it grew
How far this would reach, nobody knew
It spread in the air like noble gases
Apprising the psyche of village masses.

From town to town this became essential
This human power was existential
Then soon, this power was known to all
Unfortunate greed led to a downfall

The world had suffered a mighty blow
This knowledge was buried no one would know
Some kneeled before the Source of power
Only sages acknowledged the lively flower

The secrets were buried for humanity's sake
To avoid us making another mistake.
Many armies would come and go
The dynasties never lasted, though.

The prophets came to teach us how
They provided us clues from then to now.
On how to live our lives in peace
For weapons to yield and wars to cease.

The intoxication of spoils of war
Contain a curse for what's in store
And yet, a westward movement came
A foreign land for which to claim.

The expansion West brought new wars
The invasion included a mighty force.
Much discord was oft observed
Horrific sights and thoughts unnerved.

Around the globe there was much unrest
No open doors - unwelcome guests
Persuasive minds of astute rhetoric
The means attained were quite frenetic.

In ten years’ time, a tyrant slain
Unleashed a war with a peculiar name.
Two superpowers grew and grew
Destructive weapons did they accrue.

Like a sandy oasis - a comforting mirage
They invested in intelligence and espionage
And knowing not with whom to trust.
A compromise became a must.

Through thousands of years, we've yet to learn
The ancient wisdom for our concerns
of future events about to occur
Predictions to foretell and evidence to infer.

A day will come at the proper time
An elevation of conscious mind
Through meditation, a means quite mystical
You'll find The One, The None, and The All.


Footnote: This was initiated by a poetry contest topic ‘compromise.’ Hidden message for a sacred number. There are 108 Upanishad’s in the Hindu religion.  1 is the one, 0 is the none, and 8 on its side represents infinity, or the all. This number appears in a lot of references. In Catholicism, there are 108 beads in a rosary. 108 double stitches in a baseball. Here is much more…


108 is regarded as a particularly significant number as it carries enormous spiritual importance. As per the Vedic tradition, this number is representative of the wholeness or completeness of existence. Such immense significance hasn’t been placed on this number for anything; it reminds us of things’ cosmic order. 4 moon diameters is equivalent to the earth diameter. The distance between the moon and the earth is 108 moon diameters. The diameter of the sun is 108 earth diameters. The distance between the earth and the sun is 108 sun diameters. This also is apparent in time, or earth time speaking cosmically. The earth rotates one complete revolution in 86,400 seconds: 60 seconds x 60 minutes x 24 hours.  86,400 numerically reduces to 9. 108 goes into 86,400 exactly 80 times. A few of the religious connotations include 108 attendants of Shiva from the Hindu tradition, and a bell is chimed 108 times in a Buddhist temple to mark the beginning of a new year.  In numerology, 108 associates with spiritual awakening and fulfillment. It’s believed that in the Old Testament, this number reveals a special blessing as it is about the creation of man and woman, Adam and Eve. All these religious and biblical connotations of number 108 in the Bible are unfiltered. It is an essential principle of revelation which establishes the negative or positive links.  Mathematically, 108 has a large number of divisors. It is 2 x 54, 3 x 36, 4 x 27, 6 x 13, and 9 x 12. The book “The Thomas Code: Solving the mystery of the Gospel of Thomas” by S. P. Laurie, it discusses this Gospel has 114 verses – 6 of which are repeated giving it actually 108. If you read this book, you’ll find some mathematical secrets with Jesus’ miracles of feeding of the 5,000 and 4,000, in scriptures Matthew 14: 13-42 and Matthew 15: 32-39, respectively. 5,000 plus 4,000 equals 9,000, which numerically reduces to 9, represented by a spiral. This goes on and on, but lastly, I want to bring in Tesla. He was fascinated with the numbers 3, 6 and 9. All three of these numbers are divisors of 108. Also, the numerical reduction, adding the digits of 108, is 9, which represents a spiral. Pretty ironic, don’t you think?

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