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Abstract Surface


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By Brett A. Starr on March 11, 2024

Randomly writing a poetry wonder

Stumbling softly – the words they all rhyme
Ask me a question, but interrupt slowly
I’ll get you an answer in time

The walls are all plastered with pale pinkish stucco
The roofs are all covered with rusty red tiles
The skies are all pastel with numerous colors
With clouds having plentiful styles 

Peppercorn patterns on Willow Tree windows
Rosey red rims with mirrors inside
A paradigm shift as you view your own conscience
The thoughts are erased by the tide

The sunset is fading. The shadows subsiding.
Darkness has fallen. The moon starts to rise.
You see in the distance - the belt of Orion.
You stare as the stars hypnotize.

Footnote: This was an experimental non-sensical poem using a form called dactylic tetrameter, or DUM-di-di. If you read it the same as Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds by the Beatles, you can get into the rhythm of it. “Picture yourself in a boat by the river, with tangerine trees and marmalade skies. (You know how it goes.) Anyway, this was a fun one to play around with. I know I’m weird and no, I did not take psychedelic drugs when writing this.


Blue Flowers

A Daily Read
By Brett A. Starr on February 24, 2024

Read a little bit each day

Maybe a chapter or two

This exercises your mind that makes

A healthier, happier you


The Devil is in the Details
By Brett A. Starr on May 23, 2023

Some days I'm overwhelmed

By the tasks that get in the way.

If the devil is in the details,

I deal with him every day.

heels picture.png

The Heel
By Brett A. Starr on March 17, 2024

As I get two slices of bread

To make a simple meal,

I notice that the loaf's near gone

What's left are only the heels.

I ask myself a simple question,

Why would this be?

Two heels to make a sandwich

It seems okay to me.

Some may argue with the logic

That the heel contains more crust

To leave it keeps the rest more moist

Its freshness is a must.

But others say it's discrimination

Against the ends of the bread.

Each slice is equally important

But the heels get thrown out instead.

This negative treatment of the heel

Must motivate us so.

It's really no different than a bun

Where it's all heel, you know.

So, if you come across a heel,

What will you decide to do?

Remember that they are edible,

And that heels are slices, too.

One for the Road

By Brett A. Starr on February 25, 2024

A cup of black coffee to start each day

Can be good for the heart, I'm told

So, after I finish one at home

I'd like another one for the road

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