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By Brett A. Starr on December 22, 2021











(by the way


is a palindrome and

an ambigram,

for numerologists)

This picture obtained from

 (1) DNA Art - Bing images

Johan Swanepoel

I’m sure you’ve all heard of DNA.

The microcosmic stuff from which we’re made.

But if you’re curious and dig a little more.

You’ll learn something you’ve never heard before.

Ten pentagons positioned in a circular array.

It’s just the top view of our DNA.

The double-helix unequally spaced.

The geometry is sacred and falls into place.


DNA Top View.jpg

Like two spiraling snakes ascending high

Climbing a ladder up into the sky

Adenine, guanine, thymine and cytosine

Funny names – what do they mean?

Instructions are delivered every day

Through the messenger RNA

Daughter molecules are replicas

That interplay the cells in all of us.

DNA side view.png

Did you notice the similarity – 

Of the DNA’s spiraling

And ancient Greece’s Caduceus?

A coincidence seen by some of us.


This symbol of two entwined snakes

About a staff with wings it makes

Not to be confused with Asclepius – 

The rod of one snake is not Caduceus.

Asclepius and Caduceus.jpg

Either way, you may wonder why

Professionals of medicine mostly comply

The Asclepius rod with one snake reeling

Reveals the Greek god of healing.

Yet, some still use the double snake – 

A tough historic habit to break.

The U.S. Army Medical Corps

Use this symbol during peace and war.


Army Medical Corps.jpg

To care for soldier’s injuries

To heal the wounds and treat disease.

But, the W.H.O. and the A.M.A.

Chose the rod with the single snake.


Along with India, Britain and France

If you don’t believe me, just take a glance.

But, despite the rod and serpent confusion

We all are amazed by the allusion.

How a creature known for destruction –
Is used to symbolize healing instruction.

You see – the characteristic of the snake

The shedding of skin, make no mistake

Resembles the transition of sickness to cure

To prolong our lives and help us endure.

The ailments of life along the way

To preserve our body’s DNA.

Another symbol of a snake

An ouroboros, a circle makes

Represents the immortality –
The circle of life, and infinity.


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