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The Circle of Fifths Sonnet
By Brett A. Starr on August 3, 2021


I always wondered how composers do it.

Each song the chords construct the notes in time.

When disciplined, a change of tone feels fine.

The make the music flow quite nicely through it.

To boost the chance of topping music charts

One climbs the fifths to make a melody

That makes us sing with memorability,

Creating songs with repetitious art.

I like to hear the tune variety

Accompanied by lyrics wisely made

Resulting in amazing music played

With natural predictablility.

With music theory hidden in one's song

Arranged with harmony, one can't go wrong.

Footnote: I wrote this unique Stellar sonnet after discovering the clue that most music composers use when writing music. When one listens to a song that uses the circle of fifths, movements seem natural and predictable to the ear. It is amazing how that works. Well known songs that use the circle of fifths...

  • Jerry Lee Lewis- Great Balls Of Fire.

  • Sam & Dave- Soul Man.

  • The Rascals- Good Lovin'

  • Chuck Berry- Johnny Be Good.

  • Roy Orbison- Pretty Woman.

  • Spiral Staircase- More Today Than Yesterday.

  • Spencer Davis Group- Gimme Some Lovin'

  • Georgia Satellites- Keep Your Hands To Yourself.

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