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My Crimson Friend

By Brett A. Starr on January 18, 2021

A cool and crispy morning snow
Had shut us in nowhere to go.
A foot ‘n a half of fluffy flakes
Disguised the fields from frozen lakes.

Our cabin small and cozy warm
We harbored from the snowy storm.
I wiped the window’s foggy pane
To see the view ‘twas not the same.

A cardinal perched on frosted tree
He scanned for food no eye could see.
And so, I took some seed in hand
Through the pane I slowly scanned

For shallow spot to toss the seed
To aid my feathered friend in need
The wind had blown a drift nearby
Adjacent snow was not so high.

Unlatched the window, I slightly raised
And tossed the seed so he could graze.
It wasn’t long he flew on down
To eat the meal upon the ground.

Admiring him so crimson red
The pointed feathers atop his head.
I said “Hello,” he looked to see
And sang a song right back to me.

Surreal it was that winter’s day
I said goodbye as he flew away.
I lay back down, or so it would seem
I’d been under the covers, lost in a dream.


Footnote: written in iambic tetrameter, this poem was for a poetry contest topic “lost in a dream.” This was my first entry in the online poetry group contests in January of 2021. Once I got started, it all just flowed naturally. I like to paint the picture in my mind as I hear the words. The rhythm and content remind me of Robert Frost's 'Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening.' Instead of talking about a horse, it is about a bird. Also, instead of miles to go before I sleep, perhaps it could be miles to go before I wake...

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