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April Fools
By Brett A. Starr on April 1, 2022

What can be said about April Fools

Where pranks are played in many schools

And other stories appeared in news

To catch the gullible who missed the clues

Origins of this day has history

The reasons are a bit of a mystery

For instance, in France in 1582

The calendar changed from Julian and Hindu

To Gregorian which started on January 1

Instead of in the Spring as historically done

The Council of Trent in 1563

Dictated this change that came to be

Some were slow to change this way

April first -- the old New Year's Day

A clever piece of influence

To promote the date of difference

Signs were placed on backs quite devilish

With words "poisson d'avril" or April fish

Who were easily caught or gullible

This made the change more willable

Another piece of the mystery

From ancient Rome the cult of Cybele

Hilaria -- a festival that demonstrates

With disguises mocking magistrates

Or could the explanation bring

Credence to the first day of Spring

With Mother Nature's spectacle

Of weather that is unpredictable

In the 18th century in the land of Scots

A two-day event of "Hunting the gowk"

Where people were sent on phony chores

A prank that only a fool explores

I'll bet you'll find many other things

Explain what April Fool's Day brings

A little nonsense makes life more fun

A game that's played by everyone

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