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Random Acts of Poetry - Act 2

A Buffet of Poetry Just for You

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If you enjoyed my first book of poetry, you'll love my second anthology. This book contains 54 poems covering a variety of topics such as dreams, family, humor, mental illness, philosophy, music, love-romance, nature, politics, trivia and a special section on haiku. There are two sonnets, but mostly my poems are free verse with end-rhyme - most of the time. I switch things up with meter as I write in iambic triameter, tetrameter and pentameter and occasionally I mix in some spondee moments. There are some surprises and mysteries that I think you will find entertaining. For instance, the poem titled "The Magic Scepter" is a dreamy fantasy where the world is turned upside down. Another poem, "The Circle of Fifths Sonnet" describes the musical composer's secret weapon to natural harmony. For an educational poem, "Alexander's Abacus" pertains to history surrounding a mathematical device still used in a number of countries today. A trivial poem you may enjoy is "An Average Joe." The content is a bit of a surprise, but in it, you will learn about a little U.S. Naval history. Lastly, the poem "Mr. Not Unright" presents a rather witty rhyming perspective of one who speaks in double negatives.

All-in-all, my poems reflect the random nature of thoughts that enter my head. Often times, I can jot them down and they appear in a matter of minutes. Other times, it takes a little longer. So, if you are tired of reading those long novels, take a break and try this book for a nice treat as you enjoy a light snack and a cup of your favorite beverage. It is truly a buffet of poetry that I wrote just for you.

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possible cover - sunset st joe mi from Jen Corralez.JPG

Random Acts of Poetry - Act 2

A Buffet of Poetry Just for You

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