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AVAILABLE NOW on amazon.com/books  search for "Random Acts of Poetry."   Kindle eBook, or paperback.

Take a break from the fast life and breathe.  Exercise your mind and let it paint a picture. Read a poem a day and ask yourself if and how it applies to you.  Random Acts of Poetry is titled appropriately as that was just the way it happened – randomly.  I have categorized my poems into nine topics in various forms and disciplines. Subjects include philosophy, humor, science and math, religion, politics, family, death, temptation and mental illness.  Most poems are free verse, but there is at least one of the following: limerick, haiku, sonnet, and acrostic. I hope at least one speaks to you personally and makes you go ‘hmmm.’ 

My hopes and intentions are that anyone who reads these poems might experience some enjoyment, perspective, and appreciation of the content. If you come across a term with which you are not familiar, I encourage you to knock on the internet door or visit a library to learn more. Consider it a type of Easter egg hunt. There are lots of Easter eggs in this book. Please remember that these thoughts are from an engineering mind dabbling into the art of poetry.


Reading of 'A Silent Prayer' on 5-28-21

This is for Laura

Thank you, Laura, for your wonderful review of my book.  I wanted to read your favorite poem from my book and publish it.  The background music is Sherezade Suite 1001, by Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov.  I hope you enjoy it.


A Natural Force

by Brett A. Starr on May 4th, 2021

The Truth can be dangerous.

Be careful for what you seek.

The sleight of hand will distract us,

attached to power and greed.

A media sense uncommon, of the difference

These days, between right and wrong.

Oh, the tales told for our reference

A confusion of clutter, the new song.

The devil lies in the details,

In a novel of a million words.

The books are sold for retail

And discounts are often heard.

They'll say, "Never mind what is over there.

Pay attention to what is over here.

Focus on the fear and stop and stare.

Just sing these words in the other's ear."

So, put yourself right with natural laws.

Know thyself, but foremost, keep the Faith.

Learn to observe the effects from cause.

And heed what the sages sayeth.

Nature has a way of correcting itself.

To survive the tests of time.

A Force of reckoning awaits on History's shelf

From it -- a conjuring shall save mankind.


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For a sneak peek at the inspirations for my book "Random Acts of Poetry," check out my "BOOK INSPIRATIONS" page!  Also, I have a few book REVIEWS posted as well.


Plymouth Public Library April 24, 2021

Presentation / Book Read/ Book Signing Event at Plymouth Public Library

April 24, 2021

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A Poem of Idioms

by Brett A. Starr  (Let's see how many idioms you count.)

At noon one day just out of the blue with nothing else better to do

I went for a walk in my neck of the woods, with my head in the clouds, for as long as I could

I met a man who was blue in the face. His white elephant had broken all over the place.

I confess I tried to turn a blind eye. With crocodile tears, he started to cry.

Cat got your tongue? He inquired of me.  Cool as a cucumber, I bent on one knee.

Hold your horses, I said with a smile. I’ll help you tidy up, but it may take quite a while.

This is no piece of cake, and pardon my French. But son of a b____, as we sat on a bench.

We took a break just to chew the fat. From where do you come? And what the heck is that?

Put a sock in it, fella, he said to me.  I’m a little under the weather as you can see.

This here was a contraption of many perks. But now this throws a wrench in the works.

Just then it started raining cats and dogs.  We said what’s next? Locusts and Frogs?

Could this be good luck, I asked with a sigh.  He responded in the negative, when pigs fly.

It’s brass monkeys out, with a shiver he claimed. Both of us will never be the same.

After all of this, we were as thick as thieves. The contraption is still broken, my friend grieved.

This thing is dead as a doornail, he cracked. It’s a few cans shy of a six-pack.

He said that if he were to kick the bucket, in fact… That would be the pot calling the kettle black.


The Sun is Too Bright

by Brett Starr - circa 1985

The sun is too bright for me.

It is too hot you see.

I opened my eyes,

And looked at the skies,

And the skies looked back at me.


Our Destiny

by Brett Starr on April 5, 2020

"Knock-knock, the door is open unto you.

The fruits of Wisdom only sought by few.

If you wish, this path is yours to take.

An open mind accomplishment will make.

Who knows about the future of the mind?

A scientist of mental study finds,

That neurons dance to thoughts quite constantly,

Through synapses electrochemically.

The Earth begins a new sidereal day

Surveying stars within the Milky Way.

Elliptical the paths of planets spun

Celestial orbs revere the fiery one.

Our bodies shape contains a secret code.

A pentagram of elements bestowed

Of Spirit, Fire, Water, Earth and Air

Combined as one created to declare

The most important lesson we can learn

Collect a wealth of knowledge to discern

Embrace the chase of world’s diversity

As Truth and Love predict Our Destiny."


Seeds of Thought

by Brett Starr on June 30, 2018

Our seeds when sewn with fertile loving care

Will yield a healthy crop for us to share.

When thoughts and words and deeds are sewn the same

Can lead to fruitful fellowship to gain.

But hateful weeds take root in life with ease.

They steal the colored canvas as they please.

A wise gardener knows he should pluck away

These weeds and keep a healthy field each day.

And so, should we employ this simple task

To ease our stress is not too much to ask.

Lord help us take a little time to do

This necessary gift from us to you.

Jupiter and Saturn and Moon St Joseph MI

Eyes on the Skies

by Brett A Starr on December 16, 2020
Photo courtesy of Ed Chandler of St. Joseph, MI

Do you ever look up to the skies?

During the day and into the night.

What do you see?

And do you agree?

It’s a wonderful marvelous sight.

On vernal equinox, at Eastward pre-sunrise.

What constellation will you see in the skies?

It’s not so various

It is Aquarius

As the daylight hits your eyes.

Remember December and a bright-lit winter solstice

The sunlight cast a shadow that holds us

I’m sorry to say

It’s the shortest day

For the tilt of earth has told us.

But, did you see that sky in the early night?

A celestial alignment of southwest light

Jupiter and Saturn in 2020

A great conjunction seen by plenty

Traversing the ecliptic flight.

The heavens have told us through space and time

Our place in the cosmos is quite sublime

It’s plain to see

And easy for me

To aptly finish my rhyme.


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