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Upcoming Events for 2022

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Author Fair

Plymouth Public Library

Saturday, May 21st

10am-1pm EDT

Poetry Reading

La Porte Arts-in-the-Park

Thursday, June 30th

~6:45pm Poetry Reading

Local Authors Book Signing

LaPorte Arts-in-the-Park

Thursdays, July 28th & August 4th

Random Acts of Poetry


Kindle eBook $ 0.99

Paperback $ 9.99 on amazon.com

Take a break from the fast life and breathe. Exercise your mind and let it paint a picture. Read a poem a day and ask yourself if and how it applies to you. Random Acts of Poetry is titled appropriately as that was just the way it happened – randomly. I have categorized my poems into nine topics in various forms and disciplines. Subjects include philosophy, humor, science and math, religion, politics, family, death, temptation and mental illness. Most poems are free verse, but there is at least one of the following: limerick, haiku, sonnet, and acrostic. I hope at least one speaks to you personally and makes you go ‘hmmm.’

Random Acts of Poetry - Act 2

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Kindle eBook $ 0.99

Paperback $ 9.99 on amazon.com

If you enjoyed my first book of poetry, you'll love my second anthology. This book contains 54 poems covering a variety of topics such as dreams, family, humor, mental illness, philosophy, music, love-romance, nature, politics, trivia and a special section on haiku. There are two sonnets, but mostly my poems are free verse with end-rhyme - most of the time. I switch things up with meter as I write in iambic triameter, tetrameter and pentameter and occasionally I mix in some spondee moments. There are some surprises and mysteries that I think you will find entertaining.

Random Acts of Poetry - Act 3

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My third book of poetry is still being written. I am up to 17 poems as of April 14. If you have any ideas for a sub-title, please send them to bastarrpublishing@hotmail.com. Some poem titles include the following:

Rotten in Denmark

April Fools

To Sweat Like a Pig

Japanese Crackers

Doing Things Once

A Welcome Change

Dissected Maps




February 12, 2022 Presentation


If you purchased my second book, click on the link below and reference the slides used in the presentation.

April 2021 Presentation

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If you bought my first book, enhance your reading experience by viewing the presentation slides as you read along.

Bipolar Awareness


Here are some good articles and links to reference about bipolar disorder.

Bipolar Movies and Videos


Here are some movies and videos that may be of interest relating to this topic.

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I share some poetry links here for your reading pleasure.

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