Our Destiny

by Brett Starr on April 5, 2020

"Knock-knock, the door is open unto you.

The fruits of Wisdom only sought by few.

If you wish, this path is yours to take.

An open mind accomplishment will make.

Who knows about the future of the mind?

A scientist of mental study finds,

That neurons dance to thoughts quite constantly,

Through synapses electrochemically.

The Earth begins a new sidereal day

Surveying stars within the Milky Way.

Elliptical the paths of planets spun

Celestial orbs revere the fiery one.

Our bodies shape contains a secret code.

A pentagram of elements bestowed

Of Spirit, Fire, Water, Earth and Air

Combined as one created to declare

The most important lesson we can learn

Collect a wealth of knowledge to discern

Embrace the chase of world’s diversity

As Truth and Love predict Our Destiny."